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About Us

INTEK LED Brand is the Quality Products From MATHI EXPORTS Company, LED Display products within and outside of the development, production, is a high-tech company specializing in marketing. We debut in 2008, located in Tamil Nadu, India. Our mission is friendly to the environment more through the development of LED lighting of energy efficiency, is to create a healthy environment clean. Through the years of hard working and constant innovation, we achieved a reputation as one of quality and reliable supplier in India.

To prevent a high intensity for LED Displays and applications LED General Lighting Service reached new heights in terms of performance and efficiency. Choosing the right high-performance applications or high-intensity LED Displays and Lightings require careful and wise overview of the benefits and costs can vary significantly depending on each significant solution

We have a full list of LED products, each with its characteristics and special benefits to meet the needs of a particular application. The products we offer are Advertisement Supported Programs in Any kind of Applications.

INTEK LED Display Provides more Bright and uses less power than normal neon signs. INTEK LED indicate for cost savings in the long term, since the LED signs are up to 80% less energy than Normal neon signs. Reduces the Environmental impact to minimum, so its calling Eco Friendly technology, INTEK LED is the smart choice for your business. With INTEK LED Displays, we offer the Production, Design and Installation of LED Displays to meet your needs, the creation of LED Displays that Promote your brand of supplement to be implemented at social status. You can get brand consistency throughout your Location. INTEK LED Displays are Amazing Effects, Brilliant color, Excellent Performance with custom Shapes and Edges. LED Displays is standard 5 volt operated and serves to illuminate formed and shaped plates under vacuum. It also takes longer than 100,000 hours, saving maintenance costs and energy use. Our service has the seal of quality assurance (QA) were allowed, so you can be sure that you can get the best project management skills.

Why Choose Us,

 We Import And Used High Quality Branded Led Chips Only.
 Comple Quality Check Ups Before Installations,
 Water Proof Iron Cabinets With Ip65 Ratings,
 Excellent After Sales Service,
 Price Performance Ratio,
 Onsite Warrenty And Amc Services,
 Configured In Virtually Any Size And Shapes To Meet Your Specific Needs,
 Assist Ininstallation Structureand Software Training Provide.
 Personalized Customer Care

Call us today to discuss your options about LED Displays for your business, or Ask a Quote to